Monday, January 12, 2015

Why do I let it Win?

So last year I was churning along, working on my blog when July hit and suddenly the motivation left the table.  I let the inner voice within me win....

"No one reads the blog"

"Your not getting any feedback"

"It's certainly not in the place/space you want it to be"

"Maybe you should just shot the works and give it up"

This inner voice is what I have always called my deep dark hole and while I can usually fight it pretty well, I realized that last year I lost.  I know I had to do something to motivate myself and to control that inner voice.

But I stewed about it (of course) until this past week.  That's when the jewelry company I work with - Cookie Lee - changed their name to ViVi.  I was not sure if I wanted to be excited or sad.  Then I read all of the negative comments and realized I did not want to be that person.  So I scoured all the information I could and I picked up this...

"Playing Big, Finding your Voice, your Mission, Your Message" by Tara Mohr   and I started to read it.

It has blown up how I think.  and I am only about 20% into the book.

I am excited to  share this with you and I am ready to Think and Play Big.....

Join me.  Don't let "IT" win.....


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Main Living Spaces - Your Living Room/Dining Room - Month 6, Week 3

Here are some great resources for more ideas.....

How to arrange a combined space:

How to work with a smaller budget:

Beachy to Modern and great resources:

Small Living Room/Dining room ideas:

It's great to check out lots of resources so you can see what you like and MORE important, what you DON'T like.  Sometimes it's finding the dislikes that really help you key in on what feels more beautiful and comfortable to you.

Remember Devonshire Design, Ltd is always here to help!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Main Living Spaces - Your Living Room/Dining Room - Month 6 Weeks 1&2

First, I want to announce that the winner of the $25 Pier One card was Tracy C.!  Just need to send that out to you...Thanks for the feedback...

So, let's talk about Living Rooms and Dining Rooms.  In our parents day, most homes had that "formal" living room and dining room that were used only for special occasions and especially were only for the adults.  How many of us remember the plastic "slipcovers" that were on that furniture - even on the dining room chair seats!

And what did us kid's have?  That basement rec room....always cold, but we could get as loud as we wanted, leave our toys everywhere and sometimes we even had our own TV down there.... it was heaven.

Well, a lot had changed since then and many of us STILL don't use our Living Room or Dining Room except for formal occasions.  Maybe it should not be that way, or maybe it's the perfect space to read, relax and enjoy family dinner.  Why does dinner have to be at a kitchen table - or worse yet, in the family room in front of the TV?

Let's review the steps for decorating a room.  The five steps are:

1) Set a budget
2) Choose a color scheme
3) Create a room board including the layout
4) Choose the big pieces of furniture
5) Accessorize & Organize

For these rooms I believe we need to add a step.  Determine how the rooms will be used.  Will you be creating a Dining room that is for everyone or only for those big family meals?  Is your Living room going to have a TV or do you want a quiet space?

Of our steps, if the rooms are linked (i.e. in a l-shape or the same room divided) it's very important to perform step 3 - creating a room board with layout.  You'll need to know what fits and how (This is where a decorator can really help)!

Below are some clever ideas - the bamboo divider in the top photo provides separation without losing that open feel.  In the bottom photo you can see how ever a small space can be used for both.

Let me know what's going on with your living and dining rooms - what's the best and what needs help?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Creative Ideas for Collections - Month 5, Week 4

May has flown by and I have been so busy with a large project (Staging a home for a friend who has lived there for almost 20 years - pictures and post to come soon); that I forgot to finish my posts for May about collections.  So while cleaning out and packing up for my friend and while cleaning out my own garage this weekend, I developed the following list of questions to ask yourself about your collections.

1)  Do I love this enough to share it with my world?
     Is that collection of matchbook covers so important to you that you want to share the stories, the reasons      that they are special to you?

2)  Am I someone who cannot stand clutter?
     If clutter is an issue for you, then you need to find a way to display your collection without creating more  angst (or cleaning) for you.  Will it fit in a shadowbox, or some other enclosed space or is it too large for   those solutions?

3)  Is this (insert items here) collection mine or was it grown because people thought I loved (insert item        here)?
     I once had a collection of owls, only because my Grammie got me one once and I fussed over it.            Suddenly, everyone was getting me owl things and my joy at the lovely gift was turning into a "hoot"...and not in a good way.  I had to put a stop to it and today I only have the original owl all wrapped up and   tucked away as a memory.

4)  Has this become my hobby?
     Do you have a room dedicated to collections?  Are you always on the lookout for new or different things to add to your Star Trek collection, your button collection or your Art collection?  Then maybe you are truly collecting something you love and want to share with the world....

....and I say more power to you!  Enjoy!

Here are a few more great ideas for display......
How cool would this be with POSTCARDS?????

For my tea drinking friends.....

How clever to add the name of the beach where the shells are collected?